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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Sources

The decreesing volumes of fossile energy sources and the increase of greenhouse effect and other environmental problems occuring make it neccessary to develop the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Searching for alternative energy sources is important to Hungary because our country has quite little raw material resources. Concerning alternative energies, Hungary has large potentials: solar, wind, biomass and geothermic energy resources.

Biogas is (One of) the Renewable Energy Sources of Future

Biogas can be generated from organic manure, faeces, secondary products and wastes from food industry, agricultural residues, household-wastes and municipal waste water. These wastes are fermented by bacterias on 38 °C in anaerobe circumstances. Through fermentation, great volumes of biogas (CH4, CO2) can be generated. The energy content of biogas is 2/3 of the natural gas (22MJ/m3).

Electric and heat energy can be generated by the burning of biogas in gas engines. Through fermentation the pathogenic bacterias and seeds of weeds are destroyed so the remains can be used as bio-fertilizers.

Biogas can be transformed to energy with 90% efficiency: 35% electric power and 55% heat energy. From these 30% electric power and 25 % heat energy can be produced.

Energy Balance of a Biogas Plant

Pictures of Regional Biogas Plant in Nyírbátor
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