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Bio-Genezis Ltd. realized the importance of research and development. We build close relationships with universities and other institutes even on international level.

The Production of Second Generation Liquid Fuel from Communal and Bio Waste

In the framework of call of proposals of the National Technology Programme "Renewable energy" (D2), we submitted an R&D project.
Project No.: TECH_08_D2_End_Fuel

The members of the consortium:
1. consortium member: Bio-Genezis Kft.
2. consortium member: Miskolci Egyetem Műszaki Anyagtudományi Kar Kémia Tanszék
3. consortium member: Debreceni Egyetem Agrár- és Műszaki Tudományok Centruma
4. consortium member: ENIN Környezetipari Klaszter Kft.
5. consortium member: AES-Tisza Erőmű Kft.
6. consortium member: Pedalion Kft.

The aim of the project is to prepare a new, economically efficient technology that can be enlarged to an industrial size which makes it possible to produce methanol which can be used as bio fuel from communal waste, sullage, other industrial waste and about 20% agricultural and/or forestry waste through the production of synthesis gas. Moreover, the gas with a high heating value is suitable for the production of immediate starting electricity.

PROBIO (PRoduction Of BIOgas and fertilisers out of wood and straw)

List of participants:
RDJS Recycling und Entsorgungstechnik Apolda Germany Project coordinator and development of entire process
AUS-BIO Apolda Germany Development fertilizer production technology
Bio-Genezis Kft. Magyarország Development and design of biogas units
ABM SOLID S. A. Lengyelország Manufacturer of prototype, technology development
Gospodarstwo Rolne Stanislawa / Andrzej Kijak Lengyelország End user
Budapesti Muszaki Tudományegyetem Magyarország Developer of enzymatic process
Warsaw University of Technology Lengyelország Developer biogas process and fertilizer technology
UMWELT Germany Developer of PROBIO control system

The proposed project is based on a modular biogas reactor for celluloid materials which provides energy from the use of biogas and fertilizers from the use of the digestate.

Biomass can be considered as a strategic resource because not only is it renewable, but it is also available everywhere and can provide products of vital interest to sectors of strong external dependence (i.e. fuel for transportation, electricity, chemicals etc.), and also because it may raise benefits for the environment and for socio-economic development, (particularly in a rural areas).


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