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Waste Management

Because of the acceleration of the industrialization and urbanization, our society became so called consumer society by the XXI. century. Beside the development the volume of municipal solid waste increased too.
Over and above, we must live and act responsible for our environment. It is imperative for us all to not postpone the salvations on behalf of momentary economic advantages. We mustn't transmit our problems to future generations.
In such spirit We offer our services in the following fields of waste management
  • designing technologies, facilities for MSW collection, separation, utilization,
  • preparing waste management programs, feasibility studies, environmental projects,
  • environmental review of existing landfills,
  • making recultivation plans for landfills,
  • technical assistance for design, licensing,
  • preparing documents, tenders, applications concerning waste management.

Designing technologies, facilities for MSW collection, separation and utilization:

The land filling of MSW fulfilling the requirements of all national and EU regulations cost a lot, what's more requires space that has to be taken from other activities.  That's why we have to aim to landfill only those waste volumes which can't be recycled or reused.
Bio-Genezis Ltd. offers environment friendly, modern technological solutions for MSW treatment which maximally fulfil national and Eu regulations and economic as well.

By the implementation of integrated waste management system the volume of the disposal of wastes by land filling can be minimalized. Integrated waste management means selective collection, separation, composting and mechanical-biological treatment (MBT). This not only reduces the volumes of wastes to be land filled but can realize income as well.

Minimalizing the volume of wastes:


Bio-Genezis Ltd. has experiences in planning of waste management systems which include:

•  selective collection of MSW
•  sorting, baling and preparation of waste for recycling,
•  composting of selectively collected biodegradable waster ,
•  mechanical -biological treatment of mixed municipal waste before landfilling (MBT)
• landfilling of treated, non-recyclable residual waste.

Pictures of Hajdúsagi Regional Waste Management Site

Referencia pages:

Pictures of Regional Municipal Solid Waste Management Site at Debrecen

Reference Pages :
  Regional Municipal Solid Waste Management Site at Debrecen
  Enclosed Compost Vessel

We are proud of participating in the preparation of some EU tenders which have national importance:

- ISPA support (75%)
- Total cost: 18,7 million €
- 78 pcs settlements
- 528 543 inhabitants
- 200 000 t/a waste volume
- Cohesion Fund (78% )
- Total cost:131 million €
- 240 pcs settlements
- 595 342 inhabitants
- 220 000 t/a waste volume
- recultivation of 68 pcs of landfills
- recultivation of 194 pc of landfills (158 ha)
- term of execution: 2000-2006
- term of execution: 2005- 2009
- Bio-Genezis Ltd. participated in preparation of application documents and design works
- Bio-Genezis Ltd. participated in preparation of application documents

Preparing environmental reviews and recultivation plans for landfills:

Based on the description of the present situation of waste management, it is clear, that the most important and urgent objective is the review and the recultivation of the existing landfills (waste dumps).

Bio-Genezis Ltd undertake:

  • preparing full environmental review of landfills and waste dumps,
  • preparation of detailed working drawings for recultivation,
  • preparing relevant national and EU tenders.

Technical assistance for design, licensing

Our company has a lot of experience in designing and licensing procedures and can offer full service concerning waste management technologies.

Preparing documents, tenders, applications concerning waste management for municipalities

Bio-Genezis Ltd. is continuously watching financial resources which can be realized by municipalities. Our experts undertake the preparation of these tenders.
We have numerous references of preparing waste management plans, environmental programs as well as finding resources to support the preparations of them.


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